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To see

Open to the public

Hangar I 26: Field artillery equipment
The hangar houses an extensive collection of cannons, howitzers and mortars, once used by the Belgian army. Tractors and just about all guns deployed by the Belgian army after the Second World War are on display here, with all necessary explanations.

Hangar I 21: Anti-aircraft artillery
All Belgian army operational anti-aircraft guns are exhibited and explained in this hall. Visitors can also enjoy an exhibition dedicated to the Belgian army Light Aviation System, as well as an extensive private collection of post-Second World War Belgian military uniforms.

Hangar I 27: Armoured vehicles
The hall displays an extensive collection of (tracked) vehicles such as tanks, reconnaissance and infantry vehicles, anti-aircraft artillery, etc. Most items were deployed by the Belgian forces, from the Second World War to the present. All necessary information is provided.  

Open on request and during events

Hangar I 16: Restoration and repairs
This is the volunteers’ workshop, where vehicles are maintained and restored.